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Housing Prices May Have Peaked According to One of the 2013 Nobel Prize of Economic Science Winners

Did you know that the Case- Shriller index was created by 3 economists, Karl Case, 2013 Nobel Prize of Economic Science winner Robert Shriller, and Allan Weiss, as a method of correlating home-pricing trends? These pricing trends can be used to predict future events such as the 2007-2008 global real estate market crash. The CSXR is Case- Shriller’s city composite index, focusing on the 10 major metropolitan cities in the US, which is published monthly (Miami‘s index code is MIXR). For each city, changes in house prices for the area are tracked. Most recently, the Index has stated that the US home prices have continued to increase, but the rate at which it has done so has begun to decline. It states that the housing price growth rate may have peaked.

For more information about the Coconut Grove housing market, please call Alba Biondi at 305-323-2595 or Isabelle Andrews at 305-546-5421 or visit our website.



The Kampong Botanical Garden

A refreshingly exotic hidden treasure, the 11-acre Kampong Tropical Gardens in Coconut Grove is a breathtaking array of tropical fruits, flowering trees, ficus, aroids, magenta blossoms, jackfruit, royal Poinciana, and bamboo. It was bought by horticulturalist Dr. David Fairchild in 1916, who maintained and managed the garden, helping to create what it is today. The Kampong offers edible trees, mangoes, avocados, berries, and other exotics, while mixing in Spanish and Southeast Asian influences. Discover why this family-friendly historical feat of Coconut Grove is yet another aspect of what makes this neighborhood gem so beautiful and unique.

For more information about Coconut Grove, please call Alba Biondi 305 323 2595 or Isabelle Andrews at 305 546 5421 or visit our website.


Having lived and traveled extensively throughout the world, we are a multicultural real estate team that specializes in the Coconut Grove neighborhood, bringing an international background to a local market. We can buy/sell you a property in four different languages (English, Spanish, French, and Italian). Our expertise, our passion, and our home, however, is “The Grove”.

You have sacrificed and worked extremely hard to attain your goals. This level of accomplishment affords you the opportunity to be selective about the real estate professional you entrust to assist you with your dreams and sucess. We are the team that you can confide in to listen and work as hard as it takes to address your needs and make your aspirations a reality.

For more information, please visit our website Grove Experts, contact Isabelle Andrews at 305-546-5421 or Alba Biondi at 305-323-2595, or email us at


We speak English, nosotros hablamos espanol, nous parlons français, e parliamo italiano. We can sell your house in four languages, and our international expertise and extensive traveling experience can assure you that we have and are accumulating a vast list of international clientelle, helping to sell your property as quickly as possible. We have lived amongst a myriad of intricate architecture in countries such as France, Italy, Venezuela, and the US, countries known for their natural beauty and unique home designs. We can therefore use this knowledge to pinpoint certain aspects of a home that make it special, an exclusive quality of realty that only we possess. Call us to know why we are the best agents to list your property. Llámenos hoy para explicarle por qué somos los mejores agentes en bienes raices para vender su propriedad. Contattateci oggi stesso per scoprire perche siamo i migliori agenti immobiliari per vendere la vostra proprieta. Appelez-nous pour decouvrir porquoi nous sommes les meilleurs agents pour vous representer pour la vente de votre propriété.

If you are interested in listing or selling your property, please call Alba Biondi at 305-323-2595, Isabelle Andrews at 305-546-5421, or visit our website.


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