Lisa Remeny 

The tropics have long been the source of inspiration for artist Lisa Remeny, a native of Miami. After receiving her Fine Arts degree from the California College of Art, she made her first visit to Jamaica, a defining journey that ignited her passion for tropical travel. Her paintings reveal an affinity for all things equatorial: sunlight and moonlight reflected on clouds and seascapes, lush fruits, exotic flowers and palms. From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Remeny interprets her surroundings through oil and watercolor paintingsranging from photo-realistic to semi-abstract.
Remeny lives in Coconut Grove, Florida and paints on location throughout the tropics. So admired are her botanical paintings that art, music and botanical festivals frequently invite her to create images that represent them. She was the only artist interviewed on a Public Television documentary about Miami culture that was broadcast to an international audience of 240 million. Her work is in private and public collections worldwide. Corporate Clients include Holland
and Knight, Bacardi-Martini, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, among
Artist’s Statement
“I like to reproduce beautiful things. There is far too much angst in
the world for me to paint darkness. I prefer to go to the light, to
look for the beauty and the positive – that is what inspires me. My
wish is for my work to help create to an aura of peace, happiness and
well being.
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Bee's - Eye Vew


Oil on Canvas

Red Pineapple At Bamboo Trot


Oil On Canvas

Blue Exuma


Oil on Canvas

A Little Way Different


Oil on Canvas

Shadow of Its Former Self

48' X 60"

Oil on Canvas

Blues in Green

Work in Progress......below....

Sold Pieces:



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