Coconut Grove: A History of Prestigious Living

Coconut Grove has the privilege of having a large community of prestigious and well-educated residents. This level of sophistication dates back to the late 19th century, where several groups of influential people helped to make Coconut Grove one of the most sophisticated cities in all of Miami. Some of the more influential residents included Ralph and Kirk Munroe. Kirk brought in “poets, preachers, artists, and authors,” (35) which helped to create a foundation for the artistic beauty of Coconut Grove. Even more influential were the William’s, William Matheson and William Deering. In 1902, Matheson built a winter home in Coconut Grove, which he rented out to the 6th richest man in America at the time, Arthur Curtiss James. James eventually bought out this home, and made it his primary winter residence for the remainder of his life. William Deering’s son is the original estate owner of the present day Vizcaya Museum. He traveled throughout Europe to purchase only the most exquisite furniture and art pieces. These works of art can be viewed today in the Vizcaya Museum. Together the William’s, the Munroe’s, and several other influential Coconut Grove residents left a huge impression on the development of Coconut Grove and helped to create the splendor that it is today.

With the consent of author: Arva Parks

Parks, Arva Moore, and Bo Bennett. "The Swells and Millionaire's Row." Images of America; Coconut Grove. Mount Pleasant, SC: Arcadia Pub., 2010. 35. Print.

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