Coconut Grove has a very relaxed atmosphere. Most of the restaurants are low key and are wonderful places to meet with friends and conclude a day in paradise!
Best People Watching Restaurants:
Green Street Cafe and Lulu are located at 3468 Main Highway (Corner of Main Highway and Commodore Plaza) in the heart of Coconut Grove.
Sylvano Bignon, the owner of Green Street cafe sent us:

LuLu - Coconut Grove


  • LULU is a vision of what an outdoor sidewalk restaurant should be, where commodore meets main highway in the center of Coconut Grove; a funky neighborhood joint with a sophisticated vibe, a place that will connect people and start a conversation; a meeting venue that will serve dishes to share around a drink. LULU is the combined effort of individual strengths coming together to create a rhythmic, interplaying, and improvisational masterpiece where each player riffs off his or her own talents and history to bring a fresh, new perspective to the ongoing story. At LULU we believe patrons and friends are looking for more than just a deal. It is not so much about the bargain, but where you want to spend your money; besides the quality of food and service, it is about contributing to the health of the community, by sponsoring local charities and offering the option to everyone to do the same. LULU is all about the convention of life in all its eclectic glory.
Greenstreet Cafe
Greenstreet Outdoor Lounge and Restaurant, Coconut Grove's premier “seen and be seen” restaurant, was founded 19 years ago, by husband and wife team, Sylvano and Maida Bignon. Throughout the years, their European background has influenced them to create the GreenStreet “Philosophy”, making their place evolve into a “Lifestyle”. A friendly atmosphere illustrated by a large sign, handwritten on a mirror saying “Where there is Love, there is Life”! A meeting place to enjoy that Life, any time of the day, and that welcomes everyone. It is a rare day not to encounter local politicians, artists, athletes, or simply thousands of locals enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, just sitting for a glass of wine, taking a break from their dog walk, having a business meeting, a baby shower... or simply relaxing on a sofa, for a late night amongst friends. Some might invent reasons to come here... just to be there, several times a day... come on in!
Sylvano Bignon 
cell:305 710 67 51

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.

He is not dependant on us. We are dependant on him. He is not 

an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an

George’s in the Grove is a French Café where many go to see and be seen.
Best Out of the Way Restaurant
Berries in the Grove is the best out of the way restaurant. Located at 2884 SW 27 Avenue, this restaurant does not attract tourists. The food and the ambiance draw Grove residents because we know the quality will never let us down.
Monty’s Restaurant is known for its tropical ambience.  Panorama Restaurant at the Sonesta Hotel is a great place to dine with an incredible view of Biscayne Bay.
Coconut Grove also hosts a number of independently owned businesses. They bring flavor to our neighborhood. Check out the bookstore, The Bookstore in the Grove, or our florists, The Blonde Tulip and Mega Flowers.
The Village of Coconut Grove is small but very rich in boutiques and art galleries. For a complete business list, consult


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