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Journal of Real Estate from Coconut Grove

In the Coconut Grove Journal of Real Estate you will find the most important reviews about the work of our Grove Experts. On each page you will find finance analysis, economics, portfolio management journals, related literature, economic shock factor analysis, rates, property management and valuation, real estate analytical editorials, impacts corporate, closing cost analysis, education and finance, among other topics. Real estate development has never been so well reviewed as in this magazine. In this Journal we also explore other international markets such as Europe. All legal aspects so that your investment complies with all the procedures stipulated by the Government and real estate law. Coconut Grove market analysis Q1 2021. Sales performances and future market trends. Alba Biondi and Isabelle Andrews share their deep real. Some excerpts from our magazine: Real estate bubble or not bubble? In this 2021 Midyear report the Grove Experts, Alba Biondi and Isabelle Andrews answer this question and share with.  A buyers and sellers guide from 2015. Available inventory is at an all-time low, and as long as the demand for our Coconut Grove real estate stays steady, selling prices will keep rising or remain stable. Current demand is not especulative. Buyers have taken refuge from high density cities and chosen Miami for its weather, friendly tax environment, and wonderful quality of life. We are also seeing high tech investors looking to settle in Miami. These buyers are here to live. Coconut Grove real estate has been undervalued for a long time. Miami is still one of the most affordable international coastal cities in the U.S. There is still room for values to increase. In the short term, only a economic shock (for example, a cryptocurrency event shaking the financial markets) or natural force (for example, a major hurricane) could dampe the Coconut Grove bullish market.

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