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Listen to our podcast. We discuss everything related to the Coconut Grove property market. Listen to our analysis, reflections and interviews related to the real estate market. Our podcast is a communication channel with all those potential clients who want to buy a property to live or invest in the Coconut Grove area.
Stay tuned and join our show for the latest in the real estate business in Coconut Grove. Hear from our own voice everything you need to know to finish making the decision to buy that property you are looking for. We also have guests who provide important and relevant information for the real estate business and on the subject of renovations, in addition to the construction of new homes. Where is the market going? How have costs evolved? This and other questions are answered in our podcast.
Listen to our podcast now and learn about everything you need to know to close the deal you have in mind. You can search for us on the best platforms, listen to us on your PC from the comfort of your home, or on your smartphone with your favorite application.
For your convenience, our podcast is available in English, French and Spanish. A podcast goes beyond a simple radio show. It is a voice recording hosted on the Internet, with the mission of offering valuable information or training to users on a specific topic; in this case, about the Coconut Grove real estate market.

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